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The pencil cases with a vintage look.

You will love these pencil cases because they are so unique. Everyone has their own character. These genuine leather pencil cases are perfect for any type of student whether you study art or not. They are also great for business people who need some extra storage space. Whether you need something for school, work or play, we've got you covered.

Stylish Key Cases: Protection and Elegance Combined.

Our leather key cases effortlessly combine style and security. Made from hard-wearing, high-quality leather, they radiate timeless elegance and guarantee long lasting use. Thanks to its compact design, you can keep your keys organized and close at hand. Some options even offer coin and card slots for added convenience. Over time, the leather develops a unique charm. Whether for everyday use or special occasions, our key cases perfectly combine function and aesthetics - an accessory that will enhance your style and keep your keys organized.