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Backpacks for Women - High-quality Modern Leather Backpacks with a Vintage Look.

Backpacks for women are firmly anchored in today's society. They not only score with their enormous functionality, but also with different designs that can be individually adapted to the outfit of the respective wearer. At Greenwood, we have specialized in leather backpacks with a vintage look that exude classic charm, but still reflect the zeitgeist. The quality is outstanding and is already in the foreground during the first production steps. The excellent workmanship reveals itself from the carrying straps, through the multitude of compartments to the individual closures and straps that keep your valuables safe. Stability and comfort are at the top of the list and are one of the hallmarks of our products. With the backpacks of different sizes and their unique designs, we want to give everyone the chance to keep their valuables, such as keys, wallet or cosmetics, in a safe place that also contributes to the aesthetics of the outfit. The various compartments provide enough storage space so that nothing has to be left behind. The very popular vintage look meets the noble, but also classic leather look of our backpacks and makes them an eye-catcher, no matter where you are! We at Greenwood also pay attention to a good interaction between an extraordinary style and a high functionality. Due to the high demand, our products are always sold out quickly, which is why you should strike today to secure one of our backpacks!